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Juvenile Court
10 N Main, 8th Floor, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5240

Video Proceedings and Court Transcript Requests


Upon written request, transcripts are available for all proceedings.  Requests should include the case number, the date and time of the hearing, the presiding judge and a deposit before the record can be transcribed.  Expedited requests for transcripts may be accommodated for an additional fee, if possible.  A person making a request must contact the Court Reporter listed below based on Judge assignment.


Court Reporter

Telephone Number / Email

James Biernat Jr. Video Courtroom (Angela Little) (586) 469-5832
Richard Caretti Video Courtroom (Debbie Doyle) (586) 477-0099
Mary Chrzanowski Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Diane Druzinski Video Courtroom (Angela Little) (586) 469-5832
Jennifer Faunce Video Courtroom (Elaine Mada) (586) 307-8238
John Foster Video Courtroom (Elaine Mada) (586) 307-8238
Julie Gatti Video Courtroom (Debbie Doyle) (586) 477-0099
Kathryn George

Video Courtroom

After January 1, 2017 (Rebecca Russell)

Before January 1, 2017 (Debbie Doyle)

(586) 477-0099

Sandra Harrison Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
James Maceroni

Video Courtroom (Sue Hassig)

Carl Marlinga Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Rachel Rancilio Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Deborah Servitto Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Edward Servitto Video Courtroom (Mary Cimini) (586) 469-5356
Michael Servitto Video Courtroom (Mary Cimini) (586) 469-5356
Mark Switalski Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Matthew Switalski

Video Courtroom (Angela Little)

(586) 469-5832

Joseph Toia

Video Courtroom  (Elaine Mada)

(586) 307-8238
David Viviano Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Kathryn Viviano

Video Courtroom (Debbie Doyle)

(586) 477-0099

Tracey Yokich Video Courtroom (Elaine Mada) (586) 307-8238


Juvenile Referee

Court Reporter

Telephone Number / Email

Linda Harrison Video Courtroom (Angela Little) (586) 469-5832
George Keller Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Elizabeth Rittinger Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
Kristen Stone Video Courtroom (Angela Little) (586) 469-5832
Karen Transit Video Courtroom (Elaine Mada) (586) 307-8238
Diane Femminieo Video Courtroom (Rebecca Russell)
John Kennedy Video Courtroom (Debbie Doyle) (586) 477-0099
Deborah Brune Video Courtroom (Debbie Doyle) (586) 477-0099


Video Proceedings 

Video proceedings are not available for every hearing.  While copies of videos will not be provided, requests to view the video of court proceedings shall be granted within five (5) business days, with the following restrictions: 

(a) access to video records is only available during normal courthouse hours, 

(b) if access is requested for a video that cannot be viewed in its entirety before the end of the court's normal business day, the person(s) requesting to view the video will be required to return the next business day to finish viewing the record, and 

(c) the person(s) requesting to access a video may be asked to provide their own computer / equipment to view the recording.

The Video Request Form must be filled out at the link provided. No other form of written requests will be accepted. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email. 

For complete details regarding the inspection, reproduction and creation of court records, please see Joint Local Administrative Orders 2014-18J, 2014-07J, and 2014-05J.

Any film or electronic media coverage in the videotape record courtrooms and any broadcast of a videotape record is governed by the guidelines set out in the Michigan Supreme Court's Caseflow Management Standards.